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Getting Started



To complement our full-time staff we are always seeking highly qualified individuals interested in filling part-time positions within the company. These individuals can range from those with an EMT-B and a long history of safe driving, to LPN's and RN's who are interested in participating in pre-hospital and inter-facility care, and may even include those who volunteer or work full-time for another pre-hospital agency that want to put their hard earned skills to work. Generally these positions are "on-call" positions that fill in during peak times, nights, weekends, and special assignments where their specialties are particularly valuable.


 In order to be considered for employment, an individual must have a current EMT-B certification, a current Virginia Emergency Vehicle Operators Certification (EVOC), and have a safe driving record. We also hire individuals that have higher levels of training as openings occur.


In order to view a position and apply please continue to scroll down the page.





All positions have the same initial requirements as well as the same benefits.



  • A current EMT-B certification

  • Current Virginia Emergency Vehicle Operators Certification (EVOC)

  • Must have a safe driving record

  • Applicant must pass a drug screening

  • Current CPR certification



  • Health insurance

  • A retirement program for eligible employees

  • Flexible work schedule.

Apply Now

Apply Now

To apply to G & W Ambulance please download the application form below and fill out completely. Once you have completed the application form please send an email to with your completed application attached or you can mail it to 7819 War Branch Rd. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 or fax it to 540-867-5417 . If you have any questions feel free to email them to the address listed above.


IMPORTANT: You do NOT submit your application on the website. You must print out the application form, fill it out, then scan the completed application and email, or you can fax the application or drop it off.


  1. ​Click on the "G&W Application Form" PDF file that is directly above these Instructions.

  2. Once the PDF opens, either right-click and choose "save as" or find the toolbar and click on the save button or PRINT.

  3. If you wish to save the application before printing, Choose a destination to save the file to your computer. Open the file and print out the application.

  4. Once the Application is filled out, you may either scan the document and attach it to an email to or you can send it to the address listed above or fax.

PHONE:  (540) 867-9092

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